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Can you name the 16bit Sonic stages by description?

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Sonic the HedgehogThe only boss that you do not hit directly.
Sonic 2Fireflies are deadly here.
Sonic 3Umm... Did you just punch out a building? With me still in it?
Sonic and KnucklesHow much wood would a wood chuck... oh you get the point.
Sonic 2Battle your way across the surface of an immense ship.
Sonic 3Earn rings and shields by performing well here.
Sonic 3Burninating the Countryside, Burninating the Jungle.
Sonic the HedgehogThe goal is to avoid the goal at all costs. Confusing huh?
Sonic 3 and KnucklesNo description for this one. But a hint is provided if you look closely. It is the only one...
Sonic 2Features the first hammer in the Sonic games proper. And arrows.
Sonic 3Features a looping bottomless pit.
Sonic 2Teleport back and forth as you fight to the finish.
Sonic and KnucklesThree part mini-boss... Haven't we seen all these before?
Sonic 3Head to head action in locales such as an expansive Sand Ocean or a Mystic Caves wannabe. 3-2-1 Go!
Sonic the HedgehogAir Bubbles. Everywhere.
Sonic 3Lights off. Lights On. Lights OFF!
Sonic and KnucklesHope you're not afraid of the dark...
Sonic and KnucklesWhy is Super Sonic trying to kill me!
Sonic 2Quick! To the Bat Wi... erm, Tornado!
Sonic 2What are those things? Purple, fire-breathing, long-neck, turtles?
Sonic SpinballThe Roboticizer, or at least one incarnation of it.
Sonic 2Features a looping bottomless pit.
Sonic and KnucklesRed vs Blue. For the last time.
Sonic 3I'm so awesome, I can run on water!
Sonic SpinballBlast Off into Space! or Chasing a Stationary Rocket!
Sonic 2Watch out for the flying... seahorses???
Sonic 3Increased flying prowess as the plot demands.
Sonic the HedgehogIf I don't hurry, I will have nowhere left to stand.
Sonic the HedgehogThis stage is just a boss
Sonic 2Tails was probably thinking, 'That's no moon,' as you fought from this point on with no rings.
Sonic and KnucklesAmazingly hot. Then, amazingly cold.
Sonic and KnucklesOh, look. A end-stage capsule. Didn't we switch back to sign posts already?... Look out! It's a Trap!
Sonic the HedgehogBlue Ball vs Wrecking Ball... which will win?
Sonic 3Collect all the blue spheres. Don't touch the red ones.
Sonic 2You can still die after killing the boss by falling through the floor.
Sonic 2Vibrant Half Tube Action!
Sonic 2Why don't you take a ride in one of our snazzy elevators.
Sonic the HedgehogThis stage has no boss.
Sonic and KnucklesHardest. Stage. EVAR. [to die in, maybe...]
Sonic SpinballTime to climb out of the sewers... literally.
Sonic 2Blue Streak vs Speed Racer... which will win?
Sonic the HedgehogDid you know that blocks could float on lava?
Sonic SpinballMake sure not to fall into the boiler room!

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