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NumberNameShort Description
1Mariejois slave. Presumably killed by his bomb collar.
2One half of the Nyaban Brothers.
3Original owner of Victoria Cindry's shadow.
4Slave on sale at the Human Auction House. Chose to kill himself onstage.
5Fiancee of man saved by Zoro after being shot by Charloss.
6Insulted Shanks and assaulted Luffy. Eaten by a Sea King afterwards.
7Father of the leader of the Alabasta Rebellion.
8Responsible for the demise of the Yubashiri.
9Attempted to conquer Whitebeard's territory after his death. Battled Basil Hawkins.
10Fixed Nami's waver.
NumberNameShort Description
11Luffy wore the glass armband that contains the map to his fabled treasure.
12One half of Baroque Work's sniping team
13New member of the Red Hair Pirates.
14Beat Bellamy the Hyena in a poker game and killed by Bellamy for that.
15Original owner of the Yubashiri and the Sandai Kitetsu.
16A mainstay on the Kuja execution platform.
17Attempted to challenge the Arlong Pirates and stopped by Nami.
18Participant in the Battle of Marineford.
19Another participant in the Battle of Marineford.
20Almost silenced by Kuro.

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