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Quote/Nickname/Famous SayingsSuperstar
Can you smell what the _____ is cooking
Give me HELL YEAH!!
Best in the world
Hustle, Loyalty, Respect
The All-American-American
Time to play the Game!
Booyaka,Booyaka,Booyaka 619
The Viper
WMD, Knockout Punch
D-von.....GET THE TABLES!!
The Heartbreak Kid
Has his own personal ring announcer
The Celtic Warrior
Quote/Nickname/Famous SayingsSuperstar
Big Red Monster
Rest...... In...... Peace
I'm Awesome
Managed the Hardy Boyz, Dated Matt
Feed Me More....Feed Me More
Woooo...Wooooo,,,,,Woooo You Know It
Macho Man
Your FIRED!!!!
(5) 5 Time WCW Champion
The Hitman
Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind
What does everybody want/need/love? HEAD!
APA Protection (name both)
Diamond Dallas Page
Team Xtreme

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