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Updated Feb 14, 2012

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Eagles-Certain people enjoy motion for purposes of reminiscence, others use the practice in a more escapist fashion
Green Day-I plead to enjoy rapid eye movement as well as disagreeing with falsehoods that make a sound if you knock on them
Miley Cyrus-I find this situation unsettling in the absence of my companions. This gathering is assuredly distinct from ostensibly similar gatherings occurring in Tennessee
Pearl Jam-She deceives her interrogators and proclaims to be his paramour, but only because she has been unable to discover a superior mate
Bloodhound Gang-We are no more than members of Kingdom Animalia who bear live young. Therefore, let us fornicate in the manner of those featured on cable nature channels
Death Cab For Cutie-In my establishment of religious education, which reminded me in terms of its severity of ancient Rome, my hands received injuries from a dark clad woman
Rolling Stones-It is wonderful to make your acquaintance! I implore you to inquire as to my appellation. I'm sure, however, that what is confusing you is what my plan is
Elton John-The fourth planet from the sun is suboptimal for childrearing. Not only that, its temperature is torturously frigid
Simon and Garfunkel-'You idiots!' You have no idea how quietness engulfs everything surrounding it like an expanding tumor!
Fall Out Boy-She claims to be illiterate but my own feebleness in the area surely trumps hers
Black Eyed Peas-It is an inclination that I have that this evening will be particularly enjoyable
John Mellencamp-My death will take place in a hamlet. Yes, I'm fairly certain that is where I'll be laid to rest
System Of A Down-I have my suspicions that you doubt my sanctimonious seppuku
Neil Young-Behold! Gaea is sprinting at a fast pace in the decade of Nixon's presidency!
AC/DC-This woman was as a vehicle capable of great speed, with a particularly clean engine
My Chemical Romance-You claimed that I am capable of being understood in the same manner as literature, but it's too bad that said book is in horrible condition
Dispatch-The morning was gloomy and the soldiers were apprehensive as to their fate. Then, to their surprise, their commanding officer suggested they depart
50 Cent-My whittled piece of wood is imbued with supernatural powers. I hold advanced degrees in affairs of the heart
Eminem-I assure you, mother, that my affections for you are genuine. That being said, I simply cannot live in this mobile home any longer
Muse-I have an idea! Why don't we return the non-corporeal life forces to a flaming state! You know the ones I mean, the ones who would willingly die to live again
Led Zeppelin-Fret not! Even if you feel eerie motion in your arrangement of bushes, it's just the royalty of the month finally getting her affairs in order!
Marvin Gaye-Making a donation of your person to yours truly couldn't possibly be a mistake! So long as the affection is real and uncontrived
Green Day-When you can no longer even find pleasure in self-satisfaction you have really reached an apex of apatheticity
Bruce Springsteen-They forcibly transported me to a Southeastern Asian nation and bid me take the lives of men who racists apparently thought looked like Pikachu
Metallica-My sole nutrition is being given me intravenously which reminds me of innovations born of conflict
Jay-Z-If your personal issues are related to females, I assure you, fruit of my loins, that my sympathies are with you. I have many difficulties but none are women

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