Myotomes and nerves

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Can you name the Myotomes?

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MovementMyotome and nerveMuscle
Wrist flexionFlexor carpi radialis and ulnaris
Knee extensionQuadriceps
Elbow extensionTriceps
Thumb abductionAbductor pollicis brevis
Ankle plantarflexionGastrocnemius
Wrist extensionExtensor carpi radialis and ulnaris
Finger abductionDorsal interossei and abductor digiti minimi
Ankle dorsiflexionTibialis anterior
Elbow flexionBiceps
Hallux extensionExtensor hallucis longus and brevis
Hip extensionGluteus maximus
Knee flexionHamstrings
Supinator reflexBrachioradialis
Shoulder abductionDeltoid
Hip flexionIliopsoas

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