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Animal100-170 metric tons
Reptile2,200 lbs (females lighter)
Mammalup to 14,000 lbs
Fisharound 26,000 lbs but up to 47,000 lbs
amphibian55-66 lbs
Bird140-290 lbs
Molluskone giant specimen weighed 1,091 lbs
Deer440-1815 lbs
Turtleup to 1,980 lbs
Mustelid22-70 lbs
Cat220-670 lbs
Dog66-175 lbs
Bird of Prey20-27 lbs
Lizard150-350 lbs
SnakeUp to 400 lbs possibly
Rodent59-174 lbs
Bear220-1,540 lbs
Primate300-605 lbs, but some humans are heavier!

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