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Character NameReal NameEnsemble
Mistress Daniella MoreRoyal Court
Ari AdareyetGypsies
Duncan Mildmay, Royal GuardRoyal Court
His Excellency, Ruben DerfaycenderdertVulgarians
Mistress Cordelia Saunders, Maid of HonourRoyal Court
FerbHazelhurst Players
James Kirkwood, DirectorHazelhurst Players
Lucy Paulet, Baroness of WinchesterRoyal Court
Janos Notsorico Montoblanco, ActorHazelhurst Players
Madelyn Cowley, Butcher's DaughterVillager
Mildred Eddington, Scientist ApprenticeRoyal Court
Dame Gwendolyn, Mayor's Sister-in-LawMayor's Family
RosePeasant Dancers
Queen Elizabeth IRoyal Court
Vilka Hogsmead, Mayor's Step-sonMayor's Family
IrisPeasant Dancers
Racine McDough, BakerVillager
Caillen McKracktune, MusicianHazelhurst Players
Erik Hogsmead, Mayor's Step-sonMayor's Family
Alexander D'Annggllwwyynn, Mayor's BrotherMayor's Family
PeonyPeasant Dancers
Ivanna RipuoffGypsies
Mayor's Second CousinMayor's Family
Lady Val, Queen of the FairiesFairies
Lady Priscilla Penelope ParkerRoyal Court
Dr. Henry 'Patches' McAdams, Queen's PhysicianRoyal Court
Earl Quincy Victor ChippendaleFops
TulipPeasant Dancers
Lady Elizabeth 'Bess' Throckmorton, Maid of HonourRoyal Court
Penelope Weaver, SpinnerVillager
Character NameReal NameEnsemble
PhineousHazelhurst Players
Duke Alexander Fairfax, Master of RevelsRoyal Court
ChrysanthemumPeasant Dancers
Faillen Inghen Cuchulain, Cooper's Wife.Villager
Sir Francis DrakeRoyal Court
VioletPeasant Dancers
Sir Thomas Howard, Duke of NorfolkRoyal Court
Innkeeper's DaughterVillager
Cosimo Allesandro Monterosso da FirenzeVillager
High Lord Mayor Dayyffyydd D'AnnggllwyynnMayor's Family
ZinniaPeasant Dancers
OrchidPeasant Dancers
Mother SuperiorVillager
Karen Ann Killen, Midwife and HealerVillager
Ale Taster/Gambler/Grandma BridgesVillagers
Marion Nehwey, Mayor's Step-daughterMayor's Family
Miss Teri Ouse, SoothsayerVillager
LilyPeasant Dancers
Dirt Farmer's WidowVillager
Lady Catherine Grey, Maid of HonourRoyal Court
IvyPeasant Dancers
Lambkins, ShepherdessVillager
His Excellency, Rotavan SonobavitchVulgarians
Margravine Dehlia Venemeuse Suka Van AwfulVulgarians
Deliela DuPerie, Mayor's NieceMayor's Family
Sir Nigel ArmaniFops
Sheriff George S. MahnnMayor's Family
Lady Margaret Audley, Duchess of NorfolkRoyal Court
Barbara Cutshere, Barber SurgeonVillager
Mary Jayne Fitzhugh, SeamstressVillager
Lady MayorMayor's Family
Alotta SchtuffeGypsies
Lena GhaczavalletskyGypsies

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