The Iliad

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Can you name the topics discussed in Greek Myth?

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realism versus...
science versus...
noise versus...
conceptual thinking versus...
types of poetry
obstacles to clarity
greek ideal of a man
Achilles archetype
Agamemnon archetype
Helen archetype
Paris archetype
Prium archetype
Hector archetype
Odysseus archetype
Phoenix archetype
name one of Achilles' fates
someone describes what another person is like
reader sees a character directly
Ajax archetype
breath soul
do not treat another person as a ______
Name one of the two taboos for all societies
greek gods are...
you have to earn your _____ love
_____ cares for life of family
Who is Hector's wife?
Who is Hector and Paris' father?
'carpe diem'
comparision using 'like' or 'as'
Who is the father of Zeus?
O'Reilly, Johnson, Di Giovanni
during a pocession, a god is how many people?
what law does the previous question go against?
who killed Patroclus?
Who is Achilles' prize girl?
what does a prize girl symbolize?
Who was the seer who traveled with the Greeks?
Who is Agamemnon's brother?

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