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Restaurant NameTV Show
Bucky Burger
Rob's Place
Jack's Bistro
The Max
World of Burgers (W.O.B.)
Der Waffle Haus
Mama Manicotti
Dippity Do Dog
Wizard Burger
Central Perk
Greased Pig
Mel's Diner
Circus Burger
Edna's Edibles
Al's Pancake World
Jubilee Pizza
The Chill Grill
Hungry Heifer
Dinkin Donuts
Honker Burger
The Peach Pit
Weenie Burger
Fresh Air
Restaurant NameTV Show
Pizza Pig-Out
International House of Couscous
The Big Pilgrim
Burger Land
Haskell's Ice Cream Parlor
Cafe Nervosa
The Frying Dutchman
Bueno Nacho
Mrs. Sullivan's Kitchen
The Krusty Krab
Mr. Ha-Ha's Hotdog Hacienda
Lord of the Lobster
Barth's Burgers
Nemo's Pizza
Matzo on a Stick
Bronto Burger
Double Meat Palace
Falafel Hut
Charlie's Restaurant
Sid's Pizza Parlor
Leroy's (later Rachel's Place)
Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand
Good Burger
Minuteman Cafe

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