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Translated Title (Author's Initials)English TitleAuthor's Name
The animal locally is solved (G.O.)
Uproars and uproar (W.F.)
Movement of the Wildness (J.L.)
Folding the time (M.L.)
The S-value the red symbol (S.C.)
Blue console of the Tümmlers (S.O.)
Song of Christmas of Christmas (C.D.)
Funikuläre of the transmitted cover wanted knowledge (T.W.)
It is the red-dark red character (N.H.)
The cautious eye ignited God (Z.N.H.)
Translated Title (Author's Initials)English TitleAuthor's Name
Red Puledro (J.S.)
It is not the team of sight employees (R.E.)
For him maneshitsugumi destroys [ (H.L.)
Notre Dame of the error of the disposition (V.H.)
Rat and team of employees (J.S.)
Increase of great Jobstepps (W.G.)
Terminal of the food of Morphiumkasten. (J.F.C.)
Courses of the totality, the end to accompany the wind (M.M.)
Console of the treasure (R.L.S.)
Forest (U.S.)

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