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a small slow-moving Old World lizard; a fickle person; any of various American lizards able to change colors
a medical specialist that performs operations
a small amount
a short stick used as a weapon; to hit with said stick
a person in the laboring class or a person regarded lowly in society
a light midday meal, often a small formal gathering
slang for dollar
a fish that lives in the north temperate climate
a gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon often used in air conditioners
an indefinitely long period of time
a dark, often underground chamber
a colorless, odorless inert gas often used to light advertising signs
a theater or picture show for the price of five cents; now the name of a children's network
an ill-tempered, often elderly person
a bird; a clay disc for shooting; a form of speech with simplified grammar (variation)
a temple dedicated to all the gods

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