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Can you name the PIxar Short Films that aired on ABC Family on December 18, 2009??

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Description of FilmTitle of Film
It's all about a magician
A baby plays with a lot of toys on the ground
Remy and his brother tell how their species helps humans, and we all hate that flea!
An old rusty truck 'remembers' when he was a daredevil
A depressed sheep meets a happy jackelope
Lights, camera, action, LIGHTS!
An old man plays chess with himself
A small girl is a virtuoso on the violin
The sitter is interrogated because she gave the baby to the enemy after the baby kept bursting into flames
An old rusty truck 'remembers' when he rescued his friends
Description of FilmTitle of Film
The heaviest flying creature gets the last laugh
An old rusty truck 'remembers' when he fought some bulldozers
A small man meets and is chased by a bee
Frosty can't join the summer time displays because of his enclosure
A clown rides a unicycle and juggles, the other unicycle juggles
An old rusty truck makes friends with a flying craft that is suspiciously like himself
A monster gets a new mode of transportation
The Axiom powers down due to something quite hot
An old rusty truck is pranked by his friends
An alien can't seem to get the correct switches flipped and a man's house is taken off of the ground

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