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Can you name the words beginning and ending with the same letter, given the clue?

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ClueAnswerStart/End Letter
A division of mathematicsA
The common name of a genus of trees found primarily in MadagascarB
American car brandC
Biblical hero who slayed a giant with a stone from a slingshotD
One of the 7 continentsE
The marshmallow version of this is commonly found in a sandwich with peanut butterF
First name of Green Bay Packers wide reciever JenningsG
Synonym for 'severe' or 'rough'H
University of Illinois team name: Fighting ______I
German pioneer techno bandK
A flowering plant often used idiomatically to refer to a victoryL
ClueAnswerStart/End Letter
X-ray used to examine the human breast for possible cancersM
Nickname for the brain (Use your ______)N
City in Florida, home of an NBA team and popular theme parksO
The first word in the 3-word name of a song composed by Sir Edgar ElgerP
Palindrome, or Jimmie Johnson's main piece of equiptmentR
The roots of this plant were used in root beer until they were banned by the FDAS
Having no slackT
An ethical African philosophy having to do with people's relations with each other, or the Celtics' keyword in their championship 2008 seasonU
Capital of PolandW
Fortune 500 corporation that sells various color or black-and-white printersX
Synonymous with 'tasty'Y

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