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Can you name the iPhone Games given the haiku about them?

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Using sharpened blade / Apples, pears, and oranges / Fruit juice everywhere.
Playing with a song / Left lane, center lane, and shake / Ninety-eight percent!
Driving left and right / Tap the screen and become huge / Car got squished. Aw, man!
Help Om Nom be fed / Slash across to drop candy / In his gaping mouth
Draw a couple lines / Slice the shape in equal parts / Need to use hint point?
Football running back / Juking, spinning down the field / Time to showboat now!
Birds-eye of airport / Draw lines to avoid failure / Darn it, planes just crashed
Kamikaze fowl / Use slingshot to get eggs back / Evil, grinning pigs
John Gore running wild / Shooting furry creatures so / He can stay alive
Cute frogs everywhere / Breeding never was this fun / Fill the Froggydex
Flick to take a shot / Slash like mad to spin the ball / Get a hole in one
Let the big survive / Touch the screen to propel self / Eat blobs to grow large
Guide the metal ball / Bumpers, cannons, and some fans / Land in finish hole
Doodler starts the game / Monsters, jetpacks, and black holes / Jumping higher still
Pixels black and white / Tap to jump from top to top / Of falling buildings

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