Highest Peaks in Montana

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Can you name the Highest Peaks in Montana?

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Tooth of a bear+mountains
not marble but_______
we get this from trees
Another word for a palace+mountain
answer from 4, _____ Rock Spire
a type of deer
not gold but ______, not walk but _____
i have no hints for this one
answer from 4 and 5+rock mountain
mount____ + you do this to an orange
answer from 1
the newer high school in kalispell
i have no hints
i have no hints
another word for your soul
i have no hints
dance in the sun
not deer but a 3 letter animal
i have no hints
i have no hints
its a ride at one of the disney resorts
a hill of snow
i have no hints
i have no hints
i have no hints
if someone dies from being too cold they ____
a carnivorous dog-like animal
not tri peaks but _______
a new professor in harry potter year 3
the titanic was sunk by an ________
you take this to make you better when you're sick
the top of a mountain
i have no hints
mini playground
this part of the saw cuts the wood
i have no hints
i have no hints
not lightning but _________
well known ski resort in whitefish
another word for lonely
a type of fir tree
i have no hints
_________ Swift
Michael J. ___ (Back To The Future) or Megan ___ (Transformers)
what happens when you yell in a cave?
i have no hints
baby rose
i have no hints
its a loner

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