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1. Long running TV game show: ___ [Rung 5] a [Rung 11]
2. Upper body gym target
3. Tardy
4. Titicaca is one, as is Huron
5. Long running TV game show: [Rung 1] ___ a [Rung 11]
6. Bull, boar, stag, etc.
7. Example of [Rung 20]
8. Give consideration to
9. Unsharpened
10. Lenovo competitor, or where the farmer of song lives
11. Long running TV game show: [Rung 1] [Rung 5] a ___
12. Particular duck species, or an associated color
13. Legendary Swiss archer
14. How some sit in the saddle
15. Host of the featured game show: Monty ___
16. 'The Skipper' actor: Alan ___
17. Word following black, worm, or pie
18. Use a strop
19. Goose speak, or traffic commentary?
20. What the unlucky contestant won on this show

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