It Happened One Decade (Forgiving Mines)

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Can you name the exact 20th Century decade of 1 event/category, with guesses +/-1 decade being unmined (see notes)?

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1 correct entry clears the category. Decade of the initial/official start/discovery/etc. is sought. Use the most popular treatment of Tibet's history.
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(N)ations In
Cape Verde - NV 
Czechoslovakia - NZ 
Indonesia - NI 
Kyrgyzstan - NK 
CN Tower, Ontario - BC 
Fallingwater, USA - BF 
Grand Central, NY - BG 
Sydney Opera House - BS 
Cornflakes (Kellogg) - FC 
Nutella (Ferrero) - FN 
Spam (Hormel) - FS 
Vegemite (Callister) - FV 
Herzog (Bellow) - LG 
The Hobbit (Tolkien) - LT 
The Hound of the Baskervilles (Doyle) - LD 
Winnie the Pooh (Milne) - LP 
Battleship Potemkin - MB 
Mildred Pierce - MM 
Paper Moon - MA 
Power of Love (1st 3-D feature film) - ML 
Ballpoint Pen (Biro) - IB 
Crossword Puzzle (Wynne) - IC 
Kevlar (Kwolek) - IK 
Self-winding Watch (Harwood) - IW 
Nobel (P)eace Laureates
Hammarskj√∂ld - PH 
Mandela; de Klerk - PM 
Schweitzer - PS 
Mother Teresa - PT 
BP - CB 
Unilever - CU 
Volkswagen - CV 
WalMart - CW 
Beanie Babies - TB 
Hungry Hungry Hippos - TH 
Monopoly - TM 
Raggedy Ann Doll - TR 
(W)orld Population
2 billion - W2 
3 billion - W3 
4 billion - W4 
5 billion - W5 
Almond Joy - SA 
Lemonheads - SL 
Twix - ST 
Valomilk - SV 
Nations (O)ut
Czechoslovakia - OZ 
Ottoman Empire - OO 
Tibet - OT 
United Arab Republic - OU 

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