Word Ladder: The Many Deaths of Sean Bean

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Can you complete the 4-letter word ladder, themed for an actor who can't seem to get through an entire movie without dying?

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Hint4-Letter AnswerRung #
Death Scene: hung by chains in 'Henry ____'1
Caesar's 'I conquered'2
Don Johnson's 'Miami ____'3
They had a run in with the farmer's wife4
Death Scene: drowns in this ('Lorna Doone')5
Less than most6
Relocate one's home7
Death Scene: stabs himself in 'Tell Me That You ____ Me'8
Body of cultural knowledge9
Death Scene: via [Rung 22] in 'Red Riding: The Year of Our ____ 1973'10
Death Scene: buried alive in '[Rung 14] Say a ____'11
Plant suffix, or the liquid from mash (brewing)12
Contraction indicating unwillingness13
See [Rung 11] - (contraction)14
Puts on (clothes)15
A lot, slangily16
North Pole exports?17
Death Scene: via [Rung 22] in 'Essex ____'18
Audience yells at melodramas19
Car's trunk, in Essex20
Hint4-Letter AnswerRung #
Chimney fire hazard21
Death Scene: ____ (pierced by projectiles) in many, many movies22
Tell's partner23
George Bernard ____24
Fake; fraud25
Miner's find26
Featured actor, first name27
Featured actor, last name28
Yogi or Smokey29
Use one's auditory sense30
John in the navy?31
Death Scene: leapt off a cliff to avoid a stampeding ___ of cattle in 'The Field'32
Wish you were ___ : postcard greeting33
Tortoise's vanquished foe34
Like the Penny Black stamp35
Death Scene: via [Rung 22] in 'Death ____ 2'36
Result of tatting37
Operate a light-based cutting implement38
(Police) investigation39
Death Scene: via [Rung 22] in this movie (the title of which incorporates a dollar sign)40

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