Logic: ✄ Rock, Paper, Scissors ✄

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Can you figure out the details in a contest of Rock, Paper, Scissors? Use the clues (revealed after starting the quiz) to decide who played who and what and when.

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How to Play
Names need to be spelled in full, but for game 'throws' just use R (for Rock), P (for Paper), or S (for Scissors). Names reflect traditional gender assignments; 'Val', 'Chris' might refer to either a boy or a girl.
Factoids 1
Factoids 2
Factoids 3
Position 1 Name
Position 1
First Throw 1
1's First Throw
(vs 2)
Second Throw 1
1's Second Throw
(vs 8)
Position 2 Name
Position 2
First Throw 2
2's First Throw
(vs 1)
Second Throw 2
2's Second Throw
(vs 3)
Position 3 Name
Position 3
First Throw 3
3's First Throw
(vs 2)
Second Throw 3
3's Second Throw
(vs 4)
Position 4 Name
Position 4
First Throw 4
4's First Throw
(vs 3)
Second Throw 4
4's Second Throw
(vs 5)
Position 5 Name
Position 5
First Throw 5
5's First Throw
(vs 4)
Second Throw 5
5's Second Throw
(vs 6)
Position 6 Name
Position 6
First Throw 6
6's First Throw
(vs 5)
Second Throw 6
6's Second Throw
(vs 7)
Position 7 Name
Position 7
First Throw 7
7's First Throw
(vs 6)
Second Throw 7
7's Second Throw
(vs 8)
Position 8 Name
Position 8
First Throw 8
8's First Throw
(vs 7)
Second Throw 8
8's Second Throw
(vs 1)

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