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Can you solve this 5-character common-bond word ladder, featuring a guest star character (see note)?

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ClueRung Entry
Gandalf the ____
Iota; the smallest bit
___ one's appetite
Playground sound of delight
'We Beseech ____' (Godspell song)
Kabbalah: ____ of Life
'____ Bird' (frequent concert request)
____ Flintstone
Scarpered; left the scene
Vehicle often powered by gravity
Exceeded some posted limits
Newspaper section
'Yes, We're ____!' (shop window sign)
'The ____ is mightier ...'
Adult males
ClueRung Entry
Familiar name of a NY museum
Viacom cable channel initials
Poem: 'Casey at the ____'
Joke starter: 'A guy walks into a ____, ... '
1977 Connery flick: 'A Bridge Too ____'
Cabbie's customer
Ready, aim, ____
Spare ____ (beer belly)
Having the ____ of one's life
Shields (or Yarnell)
Three blind ____
Arborio, Basmati, or Jasmine
Reality TV's 'The Amazing ____'
'Pick up the ____' (hot sauce ad line)
This puzzle's common bond and guest star

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