Day and Night

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Can you supply the phrases containing the word 'day' and/or 'night'?

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Clue'Day' and/or 'Night' things
Cole Porter song
Kazuo Ishiguro bestseller (or 1993 Anthony Hopkins film)
2000s HS football TV series
Carnal motel rendezvous
Not keeping up, financially
The one after 'The World is Not Enough'
'I'll never see it!' (or a Buddy Holly song)
It just takes time, Marcus!
Inexpensive handgun
Dirty Harry jibe
Fruit ad slogan turned medical advice
One who stays up all hours
1970s single-mom TV series
Single from 'Days of Future Passed'
A really cold evening (or rock group of 'One' fame)
Unscrupulous, as in business
Very obvious; right there in front of you
Definitely not the same; totally opposite
Ensure having money for an umbrella?
Steve Martin quip about a lack of sunshine
Song/album/movie from the Beatles
'American Idiot' group
Edward R. Murrow's sign off
Jimmy Durante's sign off

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