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Clue4-Letter Word
Grams are a measure of this
A cloth may clean this up
Mrs. Harry S Truman
Superlative of 'good'
Puzzle's theme (slang): ___ off
Grizzly or polar
Cook (a food) quickly over high heat
One who has top billing
Mix, as a cake batter
The Rutles' O'Hara
Dateless dancegoer
Screw, slangily
George Bernard ____
Leave (frozen food, eg) on the counter
''____ she blows!'
Water from the eye
Use one's ears
Clue4-Letter Word
It sits on a shaft (of a screw, eg)
Group of bovines
Turgid; not limp
Close relative to puzzle's theme (slang): ____ job
Item Harry plays with in bed in 'Prisoner of Azkaban'
Puzzle's theme (slang), to a Brit
Institution in which to keep money
Woof synonym
SF's public transportation
Worms, to a fisherman
Romney's venture capital group
Past participle of 'lie'
A cloth may cover this up
Dime or quarter, for example
Jaw protruberance
Tibia, at the front of the leg
Avoid in disdain

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