4 Letter Novels

Random Literature or Begins and Ends Quiz

Can you name the novels when given the first and last two letters of each word?

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Letter PatternsNovel TitleAuthor
Gu/r's Tr/lsJonathan Swift
Ma/me Bo/ryGustave Flaubert
Ch/e's We/ebEB White
Th/he Pi/m's Pr/ssJohn Bunyan
Ro/on Cr/oeDaniel Defoe
Do/on Qu/teMiguel de Cevantes
So/ng Wi/ed Th/is Wa/ay Co/esRay Bradbury
Wu/ng He/tsEmily Bronte
Va/ty Fa/irWilliam Makepeace Thackery
Da/id Co/ldCharles Dickens
Tr/am Sh/dyLaurence Sterne
Li/le Wo/enLouisa May Alcott
Au/tzWG Sebald
Ju/de th/he Ob/reThomas Hardy
Letter PatternsNovel TitleAuthor
Th/he Br/rs Ka/ovFyodor Dostoevsky
Th/he Qu/et Am/anGraham Greene
Th/he Al/ia Qu/etLawrence Durell
Ti/er Ta/or So/er Sp/pyJohn le Carre
Am/an Pa/alPhilip Roth
Th/he Ma/nt Am/nsBooth Tarkington
Mi/t's Ch/enSalman Rushdie
Br/ad Re/edEvelyn Waugh
St/ip Tr/rsRobert Heinlein
Ul/esJames Joyce
Fr/inMary Shelley
Ni/re Ab/eyThomas Love Peacock
He/ogSaul Bellow
Cl/saSamuel Richardson

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