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Can you name the Arrested Development episode titles spoken by a character on the show?

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First Said by...Episode TitleFirst Said in...
Tobias: 'You’re kicking me out? At the beginning of [ ] season?'
Jessie: 'Jessie Bowers—if you ever have any [ ] needs.'
veterinarian: 'Mr. Bluth, [ ].'
Lindsay: '[ ], Mother! Not all homosexuals are flamboy--Oh, my God, I have the exact same blouse.'
Michael: (singing) 'Gonna hold her tight, gonna grab some [ ]...'
Lucille: 'It's [ ]! And I think with you, I’ve got a shot.'
Asian shopkeeper: 'It’s the [ ]. It’s full of ancient magic.'
clerk: 'You’ll need a UK passport to check those files. They’re [ ].'
First Said by...Episode TitleFirst Said in...
GOB: 'Wait! Maybe we can give her a [ ].'
Bob Loblaw: 'Actually, my sources tell me that the leak goes by the name [ ].'
Maeby: 'I like it. [ ]. Holy crap, that’s going to look good on a hat.'
cheap Beatles substitute: (singing) 'We're [ ] in a yellow boat, a yellow boat, a yellow boat...'
George, Sr.: 'Instead of us all selling out and becoming housewives and waiters, why don’t we have a big event? Some sort of [ ]-type thing.'
Michael: 'Are you going to admit that you were [ ]?'
Lucille: 'Tell me you've got an [ ]!'

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