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When did the Papal Inquisition start?
What is another name for the bubonic plague?
What was the purpose of the Crusades?
Which pope moved the papacy to Avignon?
Who started the Papal Inquisition?
What is transubstantiation?
Who founded the Dominicans?
Lay investiture is...
When did Urban II launch the first crusade?
Who were the Albigensians?
What ended lay investiture?
What year was the Great Schism?
Which French king attempted to arrest the pope?
What were the two types of Cathedrals during the Late Middle Ages?
Who began attacking 'unworthy' clerics in England around 1375?
What is the word for combining Aristotle’s logic with Scripture/revelation?
Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
What led to the collecting of relics in the Late Middle Ages?
What is another word for a Dominican monk?
What German emperor disagreed with the pope's decision on lay investiture?
Whose election ended the Papal Schism?
What country was most affected by the Inquisition?
What is St. Thomas Aquinas' most famous work?
What happened in 1456?
How many Crusades were there?
Who fought in the Hundred Years' War?
What is the series of psalms and prayers organized for use during each liturgical season?
What are Sts. Francis of Assisi and Clare known for?
Who were Cerularius and Humbert?
Which pope moved the papacy back to Rome?

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