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Can you name the Things that Start with C?

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Gimme the first 5 countries alphabetically that start with C
Gimme the Top 5 NFL QB's in Passing Yards who's last name starts with C
Gimme the 5 Biggest Cities in Ohio That Start with C
Gimme the 5+1 Nicknames of BCS Conference Schools that Start with C that are not Cardinal or Cardinals
Gimme the 5 one One Word Oscar Winners of best picture (Best Motion Picture, Outstanding Picture etc.) that start with C
Gimme the 5 1940's Academy Award Winners for Best Actor who's last name starts with C
Gimme the top 5 Top 5 Revenue producing Companies in the world of 2010 that start with a C according to the 2010 global 500
Gimme the top 5 best selling book series of all time that start with the letter C (I will count the word THE in front. example 'The Baby-sitters Club would count as the letter B)

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