Philippines in other languages

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Can you name the word 'Philippines' in the said languages?

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LanguageTranslationSome sort of saying
TurkishWow, do you eat turkeys?
AlbanianOkay, go to the last. You're almost there!
BasqueWow, do you know Basque?
EnglishThis was automatically displayed. Go answer the others!
DutchWow, double dutch?
FinnishOkay, you're 'finnished'!
KoreanWow, you speak like PSY!
PolishWow, you polished Polish!
LanguageTranslationSome sort of saying
ItalianBravo Italiano!
GreekHmm, you're back from the ancient times.
EsperantoToo many F's!
HungarianHungry? Here, a hamburger.
CatalanHmm, does that look like Spanish to you?
ChineseNi hao. Can you go to the next one?
BosnianYour boss says, 'Go to the next one!'
RussianRush to the next!

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