Friends: the one with the lottery

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Can you name the trivia from the one with the lottery?

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how many tickets were they left with after the bowl fell(not counting monica's extras)?
what were the four places monica hid tickets?
what was ross's plan for the money?
how much money did they win?
what's one thing they did for luck?
how much money was thier ticket worth a guy found in the street?
which friend said money was more important than friends when phoebe threatened to drop the tickets?
what is one swear ross and rachel made up to say in front of emma?
what was emma's first word?
what does it mean?
who is the casserole lady?
where was joey planning to buy the tickets?
what did chandler say to his boss to show he isnt mature?
who is his boss's son?
the odds of them winning the lottery are as likely as each of them getting struck by lightning how many times?

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