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Can you name the Walking Dead's all Maggie Greene questions special?

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What is her fathers name?
How old is her?
What is her educational background?
Who did she go to high-school with?
Who does she save in the woods from a walker?
What does she ride?
Where is her family originally from?
How many sisters does she have?
What does Glenn call her?
What was she doing in front of the refrigerator?
Where does she go with Glenn?
Where does Glenn want to meet up with her?
What is in there?
Who saves Maggie at the pharmacy from a walker?
What does she call Glenn?
What does she say to Glenn before he left into town?
What did Beth find in her backpack when they were younger?
Who does Maggie talk with about her relationship with Glenn?
What does her sister suggest they should do?
Who crashes her car?
In what car does she flee the farm?
With who?
What song does she sings with Beth at the prison?
What does Glenn searches her for in their cell?
How does she help Lori give birth?
Why does she go in town with Daryl for?
Who kidnaps her and Glenn?
What does the Governor do to her?
Who does she kill with a bone from a walker?
Who comes to Woodbury to save her?

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