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What is Merle to Daryl?
What is Daryl's main weapon?
Where did he grow up?
How did his mother died?
What cigarettes did she used?
What is he driving?
What did he threw at Rick in the camp?
What does he call Glenn?
What is unusual about his character compared to the rest of them?
What weapon did he used to try and break the doors at CDC?
What is the word Daryl said to Andrea to look it up in the dictionary?
Who did he saved from walkers on the highway?
He saved him even though he...
Why couldn't he sleep that night?
For how long was he lost in the woods when he was a child?
What did he do went he got home?
What did he found on the ravine, in the woods?
What was his necklace made of?
Who shot Daryl in the head?
What did she gave him afterwards?
What does he call Lori?
How did Daryl made Randall talk?
Who did he saved when the farm was overrun?
Who went with Daryl to look for formula?
What does his jacket have on it's back?
What does he gave to Carol to make her hope?
Where did Carol kissed him?
In which town is he captured?
What did he gave to Lori?
What nickname did he gave to Judith?
In what episode do we see Daryl and Merle together for the first time?
What actor plays him?

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