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Can you name the Fortune 500 corporations that were in the top 100 in 1960 and still in the top 100 50 years later?

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Specialty AreaCorporationRank in 1960/2010(2010 Profits,Millions)
Automaker1/15 (N.A)
Oil and Gas2/2 (19,280.0)
Automaker3/8 (2,717.0)
Infrastructure, Finance and Media4/4 (11,025.0)
Scientific Advancements12/86 (1,755.0)
Aerospace, Combat/Marine Systems and Information Systems and Technology17/60 (2,394.0)
Aerospace19/28 (1,312.0)
Food20/53 (3,021.0)
Energy22/3 (10,483.0)
Providing Branded Products and Services25/22 (13,436.0)
Specialty AreaCorporationRank in 1960/2010(2010 Profits,Millions)
Computers, Information Technology27/20 (13,425.0)
Global Security28/44 (3,024.0)
Energy31/6 (4,858.0)
Technological Advancements35/37 (3,829.0)
Construction53/66 (895.0)
Oil55/78 (-329.0)
Aerospace57/74 (2,153.0)
Scientific Advancements58/46 (648.0)
Homeland Security, Defense Technology90/95 (1,935.0)

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