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A hummingbird is this type of feeder
These structures in the small intestine increase surface area
When food leaves the stomach, it is called this
We are this type of feeder
The fourth step of digestion in a digestive tube
The breaking down of nutrients so that the body can absorb it
The innermost layer of your gut
A organism that only eats plant material
Stomach ulcers are caused by this bacteria
There are this many essential vitamins
Examples: sugars, fats, proteins
Something that a living organism needs to live and grow
Where annelids store ingested food
Too few essential fatty acids leads to
One essential amino acid provided by legumes
One essential amino acid provided by grains
Where insects moisten ingested food
This hormone is secreted by the stomach to stimulate itself
This vitamin is produced by symbiotic organisms
The mouth secretes this enzyme that starts to break down starches

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