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How to Play Forced Order
Don't fill up on bread.
I don't blame you. I blame myself.
Lie down with me, Watson.
Shame. I was looking forward to seeing Don Giovanni.
Who's been dancing on my chest!
Good evening, Mrs Watson. I'm the other Holmes.
You mean there's two of you? How marvelous! Could this evening get any better?
I know you can hear me, you selfish bastard!
That was no accident. It was by design
You can't mean Dr. Watson, surely? [grimaces] That doesn't seem fair.
Do you need me to elaborate? Or can we just crack on?
We are waiting. I am smoking.
Why do you have a gun stuffed down the back of your trousers?
I should have brought you a sedative.
You didn't find me. You collapsed a building on me.
I'm not going out with you dressed like that.
How dare you be rude to the woman who's invited us inside her tent, offered us her hedgehog.
To the opera!
I miss him too, you know, in my own way.
Brace yourself, we're about to be violated.
He's all me, me, me, isn't he?
What are you playing at?...That's not fair.
Says the man who throws women off trains.
Be careful with the face boys, we have a dinner date tonight.
Bishop to bishop check...and incidentally....mate.
You know, he's nothing like as slow witted as you've been leading me to believe, Sherly.
I said make it count! How many windows must I provide?
Did you just kill my new wife?
I'm on my honeymoon!
Are you sure you want to play this game?
Where are you going, Stanley?
Perhaps it's better for one to die alone than to live life in an eternal purgatory.
Get out of the way, get out of the way. I'm warning ye. I warned ye.
If we can stop him, we shall prevent the collapse of Western civilization... No pressure.
They're dangerous at both ends and... crafty in the middle. Why would I want anything with a mind of its own bobbing about between my legs?

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