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Genus of AnimalPeriodPaleo-Hint
PareiasaurusA genus that named a group, these multi-ton herbivores roamed the world for a brief time at the end of an era
DilophosaurusThis large (for its time) predator probably did not spit venom or feed on computer programmers
VaranopsThis was an early synapsid, or 'mammal-like reptile'
TyrannosaurusIt can see you, even if you don't move, so run. Crichton Corrected his error in The Lost World. Read it.
MeganeuraA dragonfly with a meter wingspan
DunkleosteusA placoderm the size of an orca whale
OpabiniaAn extremely 'Weird Wonder' of the Burgess Shale
QuetzalcoatlusArguably the largest pterosaur ever. Don't call it 'Quetz.'
SpinosaurusThe star of Jurassic Park III, this animal was probably more at home catching fish than chasing paleontologists
LystrosaurusThis odd 'reptile' survived the greatest extinction in the history of life on Earth
DickinsoniaAn extremely odd creature from the hills of South Australia
PikaiaOne of the earliest chordates
PriscacaraA perch known well from Lakes Gosiute, Uinta, and Fossil
KnightiaThe most common fish in the Green River Formation
CretoxyrhinaThis large shark is known from fossils from the Western Interior Sea
RhamphorhynchusThis long-tailed pterosaur probably caught fish over tropical Europe
Genus of AnimalPeriodPaleo-Hint
GorgonopsThis synapsid gave Nick Cutter and the rest some trouble
AnomalocarisAt almost one meter, one of the world's first 'super-predators'
EuparkariaRelated to dinosaurs (including birds), pterosaurs, and crocodiles, this genus was one of the earliest Archosaurs
TiktaalikCo-discovered by Niel Shubin, this is one of the earliest known tetrapods
Gastornis (formerly Diatryma)One of the last great dinosaurian predators, this bird likely hunted mammals as they diversified early in their reign
TylosaurusThe largest mosasaur known
Velociraptor'Clever girl...'
EryopsThis massive tetrapod is known from the Texas Red Beds
ShonisaurusOne of the largest, and earliest, ichthyosaurs known
MarrellaWalcott's first find in his British Columbia quarry
Varanus priscus (formerly Megalania)Not counting mosasaurs and snakes, the largest lizard known
ArthropleuraA three-meter basal uniramian, this was probably the largest terrestrial arthropod of all time
IchthyostegaAn early tetrapod
GracileLucy in the Sky With Diamonds!
DiornisThe largest of the Moa of New Zealand
SmilodonThe much-loved 'sabre-toothed tiger'

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