Words people don't know how to pronounce

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Can you name the 26 commonly-googled words that are difficult to pronounce?

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A: European DJ
B: Musical instrument
C: Town in England
D: City in USA, 50395
E: Language
F: Italian bread
G: Useful internet tool
H: Surname of American designer
I: Boys' name in English
J: Boys' name in Spanish
K: Not east
L: Inhabit
M: Internet craze
N: Philosopher
O: Popular boy band
P: Youtube record-setter
Q: Get in line!
R: Media site
S: Software
T: Most common word in the English language
U: Somewhere in the solar system
V: Artist
W: You're probably using this right now
X: Boys' name in French
Y: Saint Laurent
Z: Boy band member

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