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A lot goes on at a community collegeanswer
What instrument does Senor Cheng play?
What is Senor Cheng's brother's profession?
What was Annie's nickname in high school?
What does Shirley's Christmas bracelets say?
What kind of outfits do Troy and Pierce wear at the Valentine's Day dance?
Who is the Greendale mascot?
What does the Dean name Greendale for Green Week?
Who does the gang dress Pierce up as for April 1st?
Who stole Annie's purple pen?
What does Leonard steal after the blanket fort collapses?
What's the name of the college the gang attends?
What is the name of Troy's pet monkey?
What is the name Jeff comes up with for a fake professor?
A lot goes on at a community collegeanswer
What does the glee club sing during the paintball game?
Who dated both Britta and Annie?
What is the new name the Dean comes up with for the Transfer Formal?
When Shirley is dressed up as Glinda the Good Witch on Halloween, who do people mistake her for?
What name do the high school kids call Jeff and Britta?
What does Britta have to find Troy's grandmother on family day?
What does Abed name his rat?
What color underwear is Jeff wearing during the game of pool?
What is Abed's fallback if he fails at filmmaking?
How does Britta pronounce the word bagel?
What class does the study group take together?
What does Britta accidentally throw out of a window on April Fool's?
What's the STD-fair's catchphrase?

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