The Princess Bride

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Character names
The Man in Black/Farmboy 
The Princess 
The Giant 
The Spainard 
The Sicilian 
The Six Fingered Man 
He Likes MLT sandwiches (don't we all) 
She's not a witch, she's his wife! 
The Prince 
What is in an MLT?
1/3 of an MLT sandwich 
1/3 of an MLT sandwich 
1/3 of an MLT sandwich 
The two fictional countries
The country across the sea 
The country they are in 
3 Dangers of the Fire Swamp
Popping sound before each one 
Better have a vine nearby 
I don't think they even exist 
2 Classic Blunders
According to Vizzini 
According to Vizzini 

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