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Bottom Tier CharactersName of the MovieRelease Year
Funeral Director, Pancake Waitress, Saddam Hussein, Nihilist Woman, Jackie Treehorn1998
Black Bart, Wicked Witch, Chop Suey Palace Owner, Waiter #1-3, Boy in School1983
Joshua, Newscaster, Sgt. Sims, Major Ford, NORAD Officer1983
Security Guard w/Lobsters, Drug Buyer, Ruth Hill, Stacks' Girlfriend, Joe Buddha's Wife1990
Infected Kid, Private Bell, Major Henry West, Private Davis, Featured Infected #1-132002
Musician at Wedding,Dr. Winston, Historian's Wife, Prisoner, Girl in Castle Anthrax1975
The Ancient Booer, The Albino, The Queen, The King, The Assistant Brute1987
Spanish, Abdul, Gonzo, Patch, Jarvi2003
Miss California, Funeral Home Worker, Pageant MC, Judge, Pageant Contestent #1-14, 2006
TV Journalist, Daytona Dave, Camera Thief, Dead N.V.A,, Paris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon1987

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