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Razor Wire Maze TrapDies, Cut by Razor Wire
Five Becomes One, Bathtub TrapDies, Stabbed in Neck
Rack TrapDies, Head twisted
Carousel TrapDies, Shot Third
See what I See TrapDies, Brain Exposed
Carousel TrapDies, Shot Second
Magnum Eyehole TrapDies, Shot
Nerve Gas House TrapDies, Throat Slit
Shotgun Collar TrapDies, Shotgun Bullets blow out
Venus Fly TrapDies, Nails to the Head
Save as I Save TrapDies, Blood Loss
Freezer Room TrapDies, Frozen to Death
Bathroom TrapDies, Beaten with Toilet Lid
Furnace TrapDies, Burned
Judge as I Judge/Spine Cutter TrapDies, Shot
Nerve Gas House TrapDies, Killed by another subject
Bathroom TrapDies, Suffocated
'Keeping Someone Else Alive' TrapDies, Shot
Angel TrapDies, Ribcage torn out
Feel what I Feel TrapDies, Limbs Ripped Off
Reverse Bear TrapLives
Barbed Wire Noose TrapLives
Reverse Bear Trap 2.0Lives
Razor Glass Box TrapDies, Blood Loss or Succumbs to Gas
Bathroom TrapLives
Carousel TrapLives, Second One Saved
Steam Room TrapDies, Spear Through Head
Masoleum TrapLives
Nerve Gas House TrapLives
Judge as I Judge/Ice Block TrapDies, Head Crushed
Live or Die Switch TrapUnknown, Pulls the Switch
See/Feel/Save/Judge TrapsDies, Shot
Five Becomes One, 10 pints of Blood TrapLives
Carousel TrapLives, First One Saved
Pig Vat TrapLives, Dies in Later Trap
Barbed Wire Noose TrapDies, Hung and Neck Cut
Live or Die Switch TrapUnknown, Refused to pull switch
Water Cube TrapLives
Save as I Save TrapLives
Pound of Flesh TrapDies, Drills to Head
Carousel TrapDies, Shot Last
Carousel TrapDies, Shot First
Quadruple Shotgun TrapDies, Shot
Pendulum TrapDies, Cut in Half
Crushing Walls TrapDies, Crushed By Walls
Live or Die Switch TrapDies, Acid Injection
Five Becomes One, Neck Collar TrapDies, Decapitation
Masoleum TrapDies, Hammer to the Head
Pound of Flesh TrapLives
Drill Chair TrapLives
Classroom TrapDies, Explosion
Five Becomes One, Glass Jar TrapDies, Explosion
Live or Die Switch TrapUnknown, Protagonist's Sister
Reverse Bear TrapDies, Stabbed
Revenge Trap/Saw 3 journey TrapDies, Shot
Flammable Jelly TrapDies, Burned
Oxygen Mask TrapDies, Torso Crushed
Nerve Gas House TrapDies, Succumbs to Gas
Knife Chair TrapDies, Cut by Razor Wire
Five Becomes One, 10 pints of Blood TrapLives

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