Spanish Irregular Present Tense

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Can you name the Spanish Irregular Present Tense Verbs?

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he hears
we are (identity)
I grow
he comes
I put
I know (saber)
I say/tell
I have
I take/pick up/get
he knows
I go out
I choose (escoger)
I give
I follow
he has (in tenses)
he sees
I am (identity)
I know (conocer)
I include
I am (location/temporary)
I go
I get
he puts
he has
he says/tells
I deserve
I see
I drive
I smell
we have (in tenses)
I come
I bring
you (vosotros) give
he goes
I build
he falls
he brings
I hear
I have (in tenses)
I do/make
he does/makes
he goes out
I fall
I choose (elegir)
he/she is (location/temporary)

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