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when we arrived thereé
I got up earlyé; early = 'of good hour' (also tôt)
that my best friend had recommended to meé
after having done thatè ç
in the futureà
I preferé è
favourite (m.sg)(avoiding préféré)
favourite (f.sg)(avoiding préférée)
favourite (m.pl)(avoiding préférés)
favourite (f.pl)(avoiding préférées)
I spent a lot of time on the beaché
I will drink a lot of Belgian beerè
I would like to return there
I would have wanted to visit more museumsé
one canfollowed by INFIN, of course!
it is necessary tofollowed by INFIN, of course!
I had to workû
there was a pretty girl with whom I dancedé
if I had the choice
I've been studying French for ten yearsé ç
I fellé
I broke my leg while playing rugbyé
we met in a baré
I'm going to do it
I didn't do it
I had just arrived when
therefore I think I will do it
for this reason I was disappointedé ç

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