163 Irregular German Verbs (Perfekt)

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Can you name the Unregelmaßige Verben im Perfekt (163)?

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has eaten (for animals)
has known, has been acquainted with
has stroked, has painted
has gone out, has been extinguished
has suffered
has flowed, has trickled
has shouted, has screamed
has sent
has given birth
has crept, has snuck
has been
has whistled
has quarreled
has seen
has braided, has woven
has flown
has ridden (an animal)
has swung
has stepped, has treaded, has kicked
has pinched
has spat, has spewed
has jumped
has commanded
has written
has glowed, has smoldered
has turned
has won
has failed, has been unsuccessful
has fallen into, has got into
has sworn, has vowed
has lost
has thrown
has deceived, has cheated
has weighed
has lent
has enjoyed
has moved, has gone
has determined
has been valid
has wound, has twisted
has ran
has advised, has taken a guess
has cut
has swum
has struck, has hit, has beaten
has spun, has been crazy
has sounded
has sunk
has met, has hit (a target)
has rubbed
has bleached, has whitened
has loaded
has poured
has been startled
has bound, has tied
has frozen
has contested, has challenged
has hung
has told a lie
has forgiven, has pardoned
has thought, has reflected, has plotted
has found
has stolen
has been silent
has called, has shouted
has carried, has worn
has sung
has run, has walked (figuratively)
has lifted
has come
has pushed
has bribed, has been corrupted
has had
has burst
has glided, has slid
has sat
has shoved, has pushed
has fleed
has woven
has scolded
has resembled, has equaled
has stayed, has remained
has sucked (vacuum)
has avoided
has grown
has disappeared
has hewn, has cut, has spanked
has done
has bent
has taken
has melted, has smelted
has drunk (for animals)
has fallen
has been situated, has lain
has felt, has sensed
has forced
has smelled
has spoiled (food)
has stunk
has flung, has hurled
has recommended
has died
has thought
has drunk
has become
has offered
has closed
has sprouted
has held, has stopped
has eaten
has dug
has forgotten
has named, has called
has shot
has stood
has received
has milked
has crawled
has happened
has read
has shined, has seemed
has slept
has torn
has blown
has roasted, has fried
has been called
has caught
has pointed
has bitten
has wrung
has burnt
has recruited, has solicited, has advertised
has gobbled up, has devoured
has begun
has measured
has washed
has asked for, has requested
has let, has left
has shorn, has clipped
has brought
has known
has spoken, has talked
has gone, has walked
has broken
has surged into, has penetrated
has baked
has climbed, has risen
has succeeded
has driven (cattle), has pursued (an activity)
has convalesced, has recovered
has proven
has created
has pricked, has stung
has flowed
has swollen
has pulled, has drawn
has boiled, has seethed
has gripped, has grabbed, has seized
has driven, has traveled
has helped
has given
has strode
has separated

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