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Can you name the verbal complements as prepositional phrases and other special verbs?

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EnglishGermanGrammatical Case
hungry for + Präp
rich in + Präp
at one's discretion + Präp
furious at + Präp
convinced of + Präp
in need
to see to
crazy about (something) + Präp
proud of + Präp
to limit oneself to + Präp
to delight in + Präp
to direct a question/comment to + Präp
on the basis of
to keep an eye on, to watch out for + Präp
to work on/at + Präp
to refrain from
on the occasion of
interested in + Präp
with regards to
to be based upon + Präp
to forgo, renounce + Präp
to wait for + Präp
on the part of
to border on + Präp
now as ever, same as before + Präp
to appeal to, to turn to + Präp
crazy about (someone) + Präp
pale from, pale with + Präp
poor in + Präp
(here's) to your health! + Präp
by virtue of
EnglishGermanGrammatical Case
to make certain of
angry at + Präp
to take control of
little by little, gradually + Präp
in conclusion + Präp
curious about + Präp
thirsty for + Präp
capable of (doing) + Präp
envious of + Präp
according to
to hinder/prevent s.o. from doing + Präp
ready to do + Präp
to doubt + Präp
as needed + Präp
enthusiastic about + Präp
to be in need of
safe from + Präp
dependent on + Präp
accustomed to + Präp
to insist upon + Präp
as you wish, as desired + Präp
in suspense about + Präp
to pay heed to + Präp
in place of
(to take) with one's coffee + Präp
to believe in + Präp
to make use of
to rely upon + Präp
on foot + Präp
to boast of

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