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Can you name the professional sports teams without vowels in their names?

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Vowelless TeamTeamLeague
pttsbrgh pngns
clrd rcks
crln pnthrs
sn dg pdrs
tmp by rys
cncnnt bngls
dlls strs
clmbs bl jckts
tlnt flcns
wshngtn ntnls
klnd rdrs
mm mrlns
dtrt tgrs
mnnst wld
hstn txns
sttl shwks
rzn crdnls
gldn stt wrrrs
mnnst tmbrwlvs
sn ntn sprs
Vowelless TeamTeamLeague
knss cty chfs
jcksnvll jgrs
txs rngrs
nw rlns hrnts
bltmr rvns
nw jrsy dvls
phldlph phlls
mlwk brwrs
mmphs grzzls
dnvr nggts
trnt mpl lfs
prtlnd trl blzrs
chrltt bbcts
bstn brns
wnnpg jts
nw yrk mts
brklyn nts
rlnd mgc
nhm dcks
ttw sntrs

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