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What is the first line in the pilot?
Who says the first line in the episode?
In Chandler's dream he looks down and what is 'there?'
Where does the first scene of the show take place?
What is Ross's first line in the pilot?
What had Ross just found out?
What is Rachel wearing when she makes her first appearance?
Rachel is more turned on by what than by Barry?
Who does Rachel say Barry resembles?
Who does Monica go on a date with?
What is Barry's last name in the first episode (it later changes to Farber)?
How long does Paul claim to have been unable to 'perform'?
Rachel says: 'If I can make _____, there isn't anything I can't do.' What does she make?
What play do the friends make fun of Joey for being in?
What does Rachel buy instead of finding a job?
What is the first card that Rachel cuts?
What item belonging to Paul does Monica step on?
What food do Rachel and Ross reach for at the same time?
Fill in the blank from this Ross quote: 'I just grabbed a ______'
What singer/actress does Chandler say he was in his dream at the end of the episode?

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