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Job HistoryCharacterExtra Info
Croc Spotter, Lemonade salesman, Songwriter
Bluth Banana Stand Employee, Bluth Banana Stand Manager, Bluth Company President, Bluth Company Vice-President
Private Investigator
Lead singer in TV band
Seal Trainer, Army Soldier
Magician, Producer of 'Use Your Allusion' videos
Bluth Company Accountant
Folk Band Member, Bluth Banana Stand Employee, Movie Executive
Actor, Gym Franchise Owner
Bounty Hunter, Caterer
Bluth Banana Stand Employee, Trained Spy
Fundraiser, Commercial Actress, Bluth Company Receptionist, Bluth Company President, Vodka promoter, shop girl, Folk Band Member
TV 'Mock Trial' Judge
Stripper, Magician, Head of Magician's Alliance, Ventriloquist, Bluth Company President, Sitwell Enterprises Employee, Co-founder of Gobias Industries, Banana Shack Manager, Waiter
Job HistoryCharacterExtra Info
Bluth Banana Stand Employee, Bluth Banana Stand Manager, Temporarily: Magician's Assistant, Bluth Company Receptionist
Bluth Company Employee, Prosthetics Salesman, Life Lesson for Hire
Sitwell Housing Inc. CEO
Delivery Boy, Banana Shack Employee
Actor, President of 'Hands Off Our Guns' (H.O.O.G.)
Model, Business Model/Bluth Company Secretary
Bluth Family Lawyer, Prostitute
Actor, Acting Coach
Soap Opera Star
Research Volunteer, Bluth Company President, Magician's Assistant, Bluth Company Copy Boy, Bluth Company Construction Worker, Army Soldier, U.S.O. performer, Toy Store Warning
U.S.O. performer, Bluth Company CEO
Analysist, Therapist, Analrapist, Actor, Author, Night Club Owner, Bluth Company Secretary, Nanny, Blue Man Group Stand-in, Gobias Industry Co-founder, Swallows Restaurant Waiter
Bluth Company Secretary
Bluth Company CEO, Cornball Inventer, Blue Man Group Performer, 'Boyfights' Video Producer

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