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Oh, you may not think I'm ______1
But don't _____ on what you see,1
I'll eat ______ if you can find1
A _______ hat than me.1
You can keep your _______ black,1
Your top hats _____ and tall,1
For I'm the ________ Sorting Hat1
And I can ___ them all.1
There's _______ hidden in your head1
The Sorting Hat can't ___,1
So try me on and I will ____ you1
_____ you ought to be.1
You might belong in __________,1
Where dwell the _____ at heart,1
Their daring, nerve, and ________1
Set Gryffindors _____;1
You might belong in __________,1
Where they are ____ and loyal,1
Those _______ Hufflepuffs are true1
And unafraid of ____;1
Or yet in wise old _________,1
If you've a ready ____,1
Where those of ___ and learning1
Will always ____ their kind;1
Or perhaps in _________1
You'll make your real _______,1
Those cunning ____ use any means1
To _______ their ends.1
So put me on! Don't be ______!1
And don't get in a ____!1
You're in safe _____ (though I have none)1
For I'm a ________ Cap!1
A ________ years or more ago,4
When I was newly ____,4
There lived ____ wizards of renown,4
Whose _____ are still well known:4
Bold Gryffindor, from wild ____,4
____ Ravenclaw from glen,4
_____ Hufflepuff, from valley broad.4
Shrewd Slytherin, from ___.4
They shared a ____, a hope, a dream,4
They hatched a daring ____4
To educate young _________,4
Thus ________ School began.4
Now each of these four ________4
Formed their own _____, for each4
Did value _________ virtues4
In the ones they had to _____.4
By Gryffindor, the _______ were4
Prized far beyond the ____;4
For Ravenclaw, the _________4
SongMissing WordYear
Would ______ be the best;4
For Hufflepuff, hard _______ were4
Most ______ of admission;4
And _____-hungry Slytherin4
Loved those of great ________.4
While still _____ they did divide4
Their _________ from the throng,4
Yet how to ____ the worthy ones4
When they were dead and ____?4
Twas __________ who found the way,4
He whipped me off his ____.4
The founders put some ______ in me4
So I could ______ instead!4
Now slip me snug about your ____,4
I've never yet been _____.4
I'll have a look ______your mind4
And ____ where you belong!4
In times of old when I was ____5
And Hogwarts barely _______,5
The Founders of our _____ school5
Thought _____ to be parted:5
United by a common ____,5
They had the selfsame ________5
To make the ______ best magic school5
And ____ along their learning.5
'Together we will _____ and teach!'5
The four good _______ decided5
And never did they _____ that they5
Might someday be _______.5
For were there such friends ________5
As Slytherin and __________?5
Unless it was the ______ pair5
Of __________ and Ravenclaw?5
So how could it have gone so _____?5
How could such ___________ fail?5
Why, I was _____ and so can tell5
The whole sad, _____ tale.5
Said _________, 'We'll teach just those5
Whose ancestry is ______.'5
Said _________, 'We'll teach those whose5
____________ is surest.'5
Said __________, 'We'll teach all those5
With brave _____ to their name.'5
Said __________, 'I'll teach the lot,5
And treat them just the _____.'5
These ___________ caused little strife5
When first they came to _____.5
For ____ of the four founders had5
A _____ in which they might5
Take only those they ______, so,5
For instance, _________5
SongMissing WordYear
Took only _________ wizards5
Of great _______, just like him;5
And only those of ________ mind5
Were taught by _________;5
While the _______ and the boldest5
Went to ______ Gryffindor;5
____ Hufflepuff, she took the rest,5
And taught them all she ____.5
Thus the Houses and their ________5
Retained friendships ____ and true.5
So Hogwarts worked in _______5
For several _____ years,5
But the _______ crept among us5
Feeding on our faults and _____.5
The Houses that, like _______ four,5
Had once ____ up the school,5
Now ______ upon each other and,5
Divided, sought to ____.5
And for a while it seemed the ______5
Must meet an _____ end,5
What with _______ and with fighting5
And the _____ of friend on friend5
At last there came a _______5
When ___ Slytherin departed5
And though the ________ then died out5
He left us quite ___________5
And never since the founders ____5
Were ________ down to three5
Have the Houses been ______5
As they once were _____ to be.5
And now the Sorting ___ is here5
And you all ____ the score:5
I ____ you into Houses5
Because that is what I'm ___,5
But this ____ I'll go further,5
Listen closely to my ____:5
Though condemned I am to _____ you5
Still I worry that it's _____.5
Though I must fulfill my ____5
And must _______ every year5
Still I _______ whether sorting5
May not bring the end I ____.5
Oh, know the ______, read the signs,5
The warning _______ shows,5
For our Hogwarts is in ______5
From ________, deadly foes,5
And we must unite ______ her5
Or we'll _______ from within.5
I have told you, I have ______ you.5
Let the _______ now begin.5

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