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Can you name the facts about our dear Andy?

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What is Andy's favorite MLB team?
In which foreign country did Andy's wife live right after college?
What is Andy's favorite sport?
What is Andy's second favorite baseball team?
Who was Andy's first post-college employer?
What is Andy's favorite NFL team?
Has Andy ever washed his favorite ballcap?
Does Andy have a beard?
Does Andy love heavy metal?
Where did Andy go to college?
Does Andy love indie rock?
What is Andy's daughter's name?
What is Andy's wife's name?
What is Andy's favorite NBA team?
What is Andy's current occupation?
Does Andy hate tacos?
Does Andy like the DH?
What is Andy's middle name?
What is Andy allergic to?
In which town does Andy live now?
On what program does Andy listen to online music?

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