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At the beginning of the episode, the Simpsons are watching a television show called what?They Saved Lisa's Brain
When Homer comes home and sees the scarecrow, he runs and says that he will regroup where?Weekend at Burnsie's
What is the state bird Bart and Lisa's class see in a mural on the ceiling of the capitol dome?Bart vs. Lisa vs. The Third Grade
What name does Homer give the pretzel's that knock out a hall-of-fame baseball player?The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
What is the address of the factory that Bart buys from the tax seizure auction?Homer's Enemy
How many times does Rasputin hit the professor on the head during the wrestling match before the ref issues a warning?Bart the Daredevil
How many animals attack Homer when he goes into the bushes and tries to flush out a rabbit?The Call of the Simpsons
What is the first thing on Grampa Simpson's list of things to do before he dies?The Monkey Suit
What is missing from the ingredients of a hot-dog (according to Lisa's thoughts): Rat, Pigeon, Raccoon, and _______Lisa the Vegetarian
According to Gil, what can you use to make soup?My Loan Again, Naturally
Who voiced the government worker Evan Conover?Bart vs. Australia

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