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Where is tea native?
Family name Sterculiaceae
Some Ontario tobacco farms are switching to
This is removed from tea to increase leaf growth
This is a mild diuretic, stomach acidity and constricted blood vessels
A drug that inhibits a neurotransmitter is called an
What is the name of the tea family?
Second top producing country for tobacco
What class of compound are cannabinoids?
Henbane used to be added to this
Tea contains caffeine and
Top country for producing tobacco
Herbane, Mandrake and Jimsonweed are all in this family
What family does tobacco belong to?
This contains caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine
Erythoxylum cocoa
To have fruit grow on the stem
This causes delirium and hyperthermia
Where is nicotine synthesized in tobacco?
What caused British to switch to tea?
A class of nitrogen-containing organic compounds
Who smuggled coffee into Ceylon?
How many seeds does a coffee berry contain?
A patented process of removing caffeine from coffee beans
Nicotania sp
This compound of opium and ethanol was consumed in 1500s Europe
This part of the seed contains 'chocolate'
Caffeine stimulates this system
Coffee requires this condition to grow
Cannabis seeds provide this
Where is coffee native to?
Methylene chloride and ethyl acetate extract what?
This is harvested from unripe poppy capsules
Columbus brought tobacco back to
A drug that mimics a neurotransmitter is called an
What plant contains caffeine, kolanin and cocaine?
The most widely abused drug
What process makes tea 'darker'?
Papaver somniferum
Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam make up this area
What civilization praised chocolate as a gift from the gods?
Cocaine was discovered in this country
What classification of compound is d9THC
This growth stage is what is planted for tobacco fields
To where is tobacco native?
Coca plant is native to this country
These are removed from tobacco to encourage leaf growth
d9THC is greater in female plants as it acts as a photoprotective agent for what?
Who brought tea to Europe?
Where is chocolate native?
Ingestion, bloodstream, circulation and
Tobacco leaves are hung to denature these
What type of sexuality is displayed by cannabis sativa?
Where was coffee first drank?
Cola nitida
Chocolate fruit is full of this vitamin
Datura stramonium
To where is cannabis native?
Mixing this with cocaine base gives the characteristic white powder appearance

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